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Die Cutting Services from Truform Laser Dies

For more than four decades Truform have been making dies for companies in various sectors primarily in the packaging industry. It is no easy task to find a die manufacturer with the depth of experience Truform can provide. In order to remain successful over such a length of time Truform has had to be consistently innovative in its approach to both product and services aspects of the business.  Constantly updating processes and establishing new, more effective ways to approach projects has resulted in numerous successful business relationships some of which span more than 20 years.

Much of Truform’s experience is in the production of flatbed dies. Highly skilled craftspeople with access to the most up to date technological resources allow Truform to provide the best possible die tooling solutions for their clients. Technicians are highly proficient in all areas of die making and we have extensive knowledge of die-cutting processes.

The production systems we have in place allow for rapid turnaround times – a pre-requisite for our customers.  A foundation stone of our business and now a core-competence is our ability to be agile and flexible so that customer expectation can always be met.

Alongside producing high quality and precision flatbed dies Truform provide a number of supplementary services and products. Three on-site counter cutting machines allow for counters to be produced quickly and easily. Reverse-crease, Reverse-Score and Reverse-score-perf can all be produced on site as needed. Proof sheets can be provided on request (from our Bobst EasyPress) and a pre-mounting service is also available, allowing counters to be shipped (already in location) on thin plates to fit the register of 3B sized machines.

Truform Laser Dies also specialises in the production of rotary dies. Our highly skilled workforce blend with automated processes and systems to produce tooling of the highest standards.  We work closely with our US partner, Container Graphics Corporation, as we strive to provide best value to our customers, Our partnership allows us to offer customers (right across Europe) a large range of products (for flexo printing and rotary die-making), many of which are patented by CGC.  We manufacture dies across a range of diameters – from 177mm to 588mm.

Press side technical support is also one of our strengths.  We offer on-site support for both flat and for rotary die-cutting operations. Both Folding Carton and Corrugated

Within die-cutting, Truforms’ capabilities also extend to broader applications including production of dies for electronics, decals, gaskets, foam packaging and labels.

We also provide a steel cutting service.

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