About the laser die cutting process

Die Cutting Machines for Flatbed Dies

Laser die cutting is a highly technical process that uses a laser to cut materials into various pre-designed forms. It is mostly used for industrial manufacturing applications, but can also be used by small businesses or hobbyists to create all manner of objects.

How does the laser cutting process work?

A laser die cut operates by directing the output of a high-power laser beam to the material requiring cutting via a computer which has had the product’s pre-set CAD generated design and dimensions inputted beforehand.

The material – whether a sheet metal material, wood or plastic – is then either melted, burned or vapourized,which then leaves the product with a high quality surface finish and cut. Laser cutting is suitable for projects which require extreme accuracy and uniformity of production. They are also ideal for fast production schedule turn-arounds and one-off items… perfect for Die-making !

Truform Laser Dies – quality laser-cut die tooling supplier for UK packaging manufacturers

Truform Laser Dies are a leading die manufacturing company specializing in laser cut dies and tooling for carton and corrugated packaging, particularly for use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, information technology and cosmetics industries. Truform also use their state-of-the-art laser die cutting machinery to produce dies for gaskets, membrane panels, decals, labels, foam packaging and technical foam products for manufacturing businesses.

Truform Laser Dies has worked closely with print and packaging companies in the UK and Ireland for more than 45 years and continues to use the latest technologies in die manufacture to support high speed / high volume die-cutting production operations. They also offer design, logistics and production support services.

Discover Truform’s laser die-making capabilities and other services. Contact if you’d like more information or call us on +353 42 933 4452

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