Beneficial properties of foam packaging

Foam packaging is used for the protection of delicate items that require careful handling during shipment. Any business which relies on a delivery service to get their products safely from the warehouse shelves out to supermarkets, individual stores or even direct to the customer, will understand the importance of having a reliable and durable packaging material to ensure items get to their destination in one piece and in perfect condition.

Without careful consideration and diligence during the packing process, businesses are taking a risk that the goods they send out may be returned to them in disrepair – resulting in the loss of otherwise perfectly good Die-cuttingstock and costly replacement expenses.

Packaging materials made from foam provide much needed protection for your precious items. Foam has many excellent properties which makes it the ideal material for protective packaging.

Benefits of foam packaging

Resilience – Foam has excellent shock absorption qualities. Delicate items, once placed snugly in foam, become impervious to the knocks, vibrations and bumps that go hand-in-hand with cargo delivery.

Low weight – Foam is extremely lightweight and will keep your packaging weight as low as possible, meaning your delivery costs won’t be impacted too much by the weight of packing materials.

Protective – Foam provides excellent pressure distribution for sensitive items that require extra handling care and can keep these items steady and balanced during delivery. Foam is also water-resistant and has thermal insulation qualities which ensure items remain at consistent temperatures and don’t succumb to the effects of heat or cold.

Selecting a foam supplier for your goods

When choosing a packaging supplier for your products, select a company that can offer custom-made foam packing made using state-of-the-art rule dies.

Your packaging needs to be cut to precision in order to keep your goods properly protected, and foam cut from a die can be made to exact specifications.

Trufrom Laser Dies manufacture high rule dies up to 150mm for foam cutting. They produce dies for a wide variety of applications, including specialised dies for engineering use, such as seals, gaskets and other membranes for the consumer electronics sector.

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