Demand for Rotary Die Cutting will Increase in 2014

Rotary Die Cutting

The requirement for rotary die cutting products particularly in the packaging services sector is going to be experiencing a dramatic increase in demand over the coming year. This is due mainly to a sharp rise in the number of industry sectors needing to increase their capacity to package and sell their product’s to an expanding consumer base.

This increase in demand will be experienced by organisations operating across a range of industries including food production, consumer goods and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The main reason that these industries will select companies that can conduct advanced rotary die cutting methodologies to meet their packaging requirements is because this technology provides the most cost effective and efficient  method by which they can source high quality packaging to place their products in for sale to their consumer market.

Truform has a successful track record in creating a range of rotary die packaging products that really add value to our client’s products and increase their visibility in an increasing competitive market place. The main advantage to using rotary die cutting methodologies as opposed to the more traditional flatbed approach is that rotary die cutting can deliver a more sophisticated and greater volume of production.

Truform have worked within a diverse range of industry sectors within which we have delivered high quality packaging solutions on time and on budget. We are able to utilise a wide range of skill sets both on an internal and external basis to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

Perception Research Services recently examined what they consider will be the six most important changes within the packaging sector in 2014. The areas that they identified were:

1.)    Globalisation

2.)    The retail/manufacturer relationship

3.)    Packaging and Public Health

4.)    The Role of Packaging during online shopping

5.)    Extended Packaging Communication via QR Codes

6.)    Packaging & the environment

The above trend is another indication of why the demand for rotary die cutting is only going to increase over the coming years. The increased need for robust and environmentally friendly packaging shows that organisations are going to have an increased need for packaging that their target market are really going to engage with on a long term basis. The ever increasing rate of the globalisation also means that suppliers are going to have to create more uniformed branded packaging which will increase the volume of orders that are going to be processed by companies such as Truform over the next 12 months.

Truform have established themselves as a key supplier of rotary die cutting products across Europe, and we are very engaged in constant modernisation and streamlining of our work process to deliver high quality products at the most competitive price point possible.

The rotary die process which operates Truform includes aspects such as design, production and consultation with our clients to ensure that every aspect of product delivery is agreed upon prior to production commencing.

One of the main advantages of engaging Truform to conduct your complete packaging requirements is that we are able to utilise a wide range of rotary die processes on site, this enables us to meet the specific requirements of all our clients regardless of the industry sector that they are operating in.

If you would like any more information on any aspect of the work that Truform conducts, please contact us and we would be delighted to review your organisations requirements , and outline how we feel that we can make our rotary die cutting process work for your business.

Or you can contact us direct by calling +353 42 933 4452 or emailing us at

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