Packaging Design & Die Cutting for the UK Food Sector

Packaging Design FoodWhen a food product is packed in a carton, there are many key considerations to take into account;

  • The smooth integration of the carton manufacturing process into the packaging system
  • Securing the product in-situ, avoiding damage during transportation and display
  • Meeting Health and Safety Regulations e.g. Nutritional information, Braille etc
  • The need for Shelf-Ready Packaging
  • Addressing Marketing Requirements such as branding, shelf space etc.
  • Recycling options and considerations

When it comes to sourcing the right services at the outset, the supplier that provides the packaging design and die-cutting services used to produce the box or carton, is critical to the smooth implementation of the packaging process. Companies like Smurfit Kappa choose to work with Truform Laser Dies for these services as our expertise in the industry is probably second to none. But what are the key things to watch out for when choosing a packaging design or die cutting service supplier? The following outlines areas in which we excel:

Depth of Relevant Die Cutting Experience

Nothing can replace hands-on experience and expertise when it comes to packaging design in the food sector. If you’re supplier is already up-to-speed with the Regulations and the key considerations relevant to your requirements, it will save time and money. We’ll instantly know when corrugated cardboard is more appropriate than solid board and we can work with the customer to take into account the cost implications of the different choices of board. While stacking strength in a standard case is important, the customer may require easy handling facilities and we can integrate easy opening features and perforations where necessary.  Truform has been in this business since 1967 and our in-house expertise enables us to design boxes that address any possible issues (with an emphasis on efficient manufacturing) – before they arise.

Access to Hands-On Support

When a manufacturing or assembly line goes down, it’s not pretty for those on the factory floor. So it’s vital that any flat bed or rotary die supplied is accurate and integrates seamlessly into the process. As a critical supplier to this process, we have experience with all major box manufacturing systems as this is a huge advantage when it comes to offering a comprehensive product based solution. Truform offers an after-sale service that goes well above and beyond the supply of packaging design and die cutting services and we will often visit a customer to offer relevant technical support where requested. This after sales service is one of our key strengths – as our customers testify.


Shelf Ready Packaging Design and Die Cutting Services

One of the developments in the Food sector over the last decade has been the requirement for shelf ready packaging. It goes without saying that the packaging designer will need to be thoroughly familiar with the relevant restrictions and common customer requirements in relation to shelf ready packaging. When it comes to the need for both Flat and Rotary Dies, a high level of accuracy is critical and Truform is probably second-to-none in terms of the quality of production and depth of expertise in this area. Our packaging design and die cutting services have been used in food packaging for global brands across Europe and further afield. This expertise was assessed and confirm a number of years ago when we were appointed as the sole licensee and distributor for Container Graphics Corporation in Europe – a world leader in Die making for the corrugated box-making sector.

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If you are looking for an expert, reliable and proven supplier in this industry – call today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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