Die Manufacturing Company


Die Manufacturing Company

Truform Laser Dies Ltd are a leading die manufacturing company that operates across a wide variety of markets. To the Carton Industry we supply dies used for the packaging of Pharmaceutical, Food, I.T., Cosmetics and a range of other manufacturing sectors. For Corrugated packaging, our dies are used to manufacture boxes for Food packaging, I.T., Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Electronics etc. However we often drift beyond these main product lines and provide die manufacturing for gaskets, for Membrane panels and Decals, for Self Adhesive Labels, for form packaging and for more technical foam products.

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Tel: +353 42 933 4452 Email: info@nulltruform.ie

Die Cutting Machinery used at Truform Laser Dies

Solid Board / Carton Packaging Die Cutting

The Pharmaceutical market requires packaging to the highest standards and dies made to exacting standards.

Rotary die

Corrugated Box Die Cutting

We supply Flatbed Dies and Rotary Dies across the trade in Ireland.

Dies and Die-Cut Components for Electronics & Decals Sectors

Electronic / Decal Dies

A mainstay of our business, we have for many years excelled in the manufacture of dies for this sector.

Foam Cutting Dies for Gaskets and Foam Packaging

Gasket and Foam Packaging

We manufacture high rule dies, up to 150mm, for foam cutting

Die Cut Self Adhesive Labels & Stickers from Truform

Self Adhesive Labels

This specialised sector requires dies to be made to the highest standard.

Die Cutting Components for Automotive Sector


We have also manufactured dies for the Building industry, for Floor coverings and for automotive components