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Corrugated Box Die Cutting

  • We provide corrugated box die cutting to companies across the UK and Ireland.
  • We supply Flatbed Dies and Rotary Dies across the trade in Ireland.
  • We are the sole producer of Rotary dies in Ireland.
  • We supply Rotary Dies throughout Europe
  • We have been benchmarked against other major suppliers of rotary dies in UK and Europe and have outperformed these alternatives in production tests and runs
  • The evolution of Shelf Ready Packaging and our extensive knowledge of the requirements surrounding this discipline allows us to actively promote this feature across our entire range of Corrugated dies.
  • We have the support and are backed up in this sector by Container Graphics Corporation, a world leader in Diemaking for the corrugated boxmaking industry.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of raw materials and ancillary products to  this sector through our association with Container Graphics Corporation.
  • We are sole licensee and distributor for Container Graphics Corporation for Europe – offering a comprehensive range of materials that are used daily in the corrugated box manufacturing print and die cutting processes.

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