Dies for electronics

Tech manufacturers need to select quality dies for electronics that will meet the needs of today’s emerging technologies.

As the world of gadgets is an ever-changing one, those who make electronic devices like computers, laptops and mobile devices have to keep one step ahead to meet demands. The only way to ensure production needs are met is to invest in the best manufacturing processes available.

Electronic dies are a crucial part of gadget manufacturing.

An electronic die is a small block of semiconducting material upon which integrated circuit parts and functions are fabricated. The circuits are mass produced on these wafer-thin blocks, which are composed of either electronic-grade silicon or another type of semiconductor material. The thin board is then sliced into pieces, each one containing a copy of the circuit, to create an electronic die. If the die has been correctly produced and contains no flaws, the die is then connected to other parts to form a computer chip, which is then integrated into an electronic device.

Thanks to advancements in computer engineering, these IC chips can be made extremely compact, with up to several billion transistors and other electronic components in one tiny area the size of a fingernail. Although miniscule in size, most integrated circuits are still large enough to contain identifying information for the manufacturer, including a name, logo, production batch number, serial number and manufacturing date.

Truform Laser Dies for electronics

Truform produces electronic dies for manufacturers of electrical components throughout the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA.

The reason for the company’s success is their understanding of the need for exacting production methods. Truform maintains tight tolerances, expert craft-based skills and the latest emerging technologies in the production of their electronic dies.

We can produce pre-measured dies and die-cut components for shipment, comTruform Laser Dies for electronicsmunicating any potential problems to the customer and designing-out those kinks.

In addition to the highly skilled electronic die service we provide, we also offer supporting services such as tooling and packaging design, product performance review and research and development.

For more information on working with Truform to produce high-tech dies for your electronics email or call us direct on +353 42 933 4452

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