Dies as Modern Art !

On a recent social evening in Dublin a friend stumbled across a restaurant called ‘JoBurgers’ where to his surprise, the wall hangings in the restaurant were in fact old cutting dies that we had made in the 1980’s.

2013-08-01 11.46.55I had to go and see it for myself.  Here are some photos.2013-08-01 12.49.08

 The dies on the wall were made by Truform Laser Dies – for Bailey Gibson (Part of the Clondalkin Group that was shut down many years ago).  We still do not know how they were acquired by ‘JoBurger’ but somehow imagine they were not bought from a modern art gallery !!

2013-08-01 12.54.41 All dies were made for a Bobst 1260. One is a 2up outer for “Satzenberg” cans of beer, the other two are for Avon Cosmetics.2013-08-01 12.51.25

While we at Truform always pay special attention to detail and presentation of our product, we never did so with the intention that they’d be used as wall hangings.  We are delighted to see some of our heritage on public display and delighted to that the Bailey Gibson legacy continues in Dublin.

Thank you ‘JoBurger’.  I’m sure these dies add an interesting slant to lunchtime conversation as patrons try to understand their origin and their intended original purpose.

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