How do rotary dies work?

Rotary dies are ideally suited to the manufacture of high volume corrugated boxes.  They are also used in the label industry for the manufacture of Self Adhesive Labels. This die cutting process boosts productivity while reducing material waste. Rotary die machines are perfect for precision cutting at low tolerances and enable higher speed production than flat die tooling.

Rotary Laser Dies

How does a rotary die operate?

Rotary die cutting tools use a cylindrical die on a rotary press. Material (sometimes on a web) is fed through the press into an area which contains a rotary tool. This tool cuts shapes, makes perforations or cuts the sheet as required.  A series of gears make the die rotate in time with the press, which ensures that any cuts the die makes lines up with the printing on the material.  VSA (Variable Speed Anvils) are also used to control the die-cutting process. The dies used in rotary die cutting can be either solid engraved dies (which have a high tolerance), wood dies (which have removable blades), or magnetic plate tools (cylinders with magnets placed in them and an engraved metal plate attached). The rotary die process is most commonly used for producing corrugated boxes, gaskets, window adhesives, tapes and components used in small electronic items such as mobile phones.

Truform Laser Dies provide an excellent rotary die service to product manufacturers within the UK and Ireland

Truform offer an excellent rotary die manufacturing process and combine this service with a range of additional resources and services to make the production process efficient, cost-effective and hassle free. Benefits of partnering with Truform for your die cutting requirements include:

  • Complete support from extensive resources
  • Product development and enhancement
  • Proven craftsmanship to the highest industry standard
  • Modern production processes
  • Press side technical support
  • Training programmes
  • Range of patented products
  • Access to a huge network of information and support with worldwide experience in the manufacturing and use of rotary dies
  • Manufacturing capabilities to all diameters

For more information about Truform’s rotary dies services email or calls us on +353 42 933 4452

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