Improving Die Performance with Packaging Design Consultancy

Carton Packaging Design by Truform Laser Dies Ltd.

Manufacturing dies for over 40 years Truform have provided die-cutting tooling the packaging industry for a wide variety of end customers and packaging types. Everything from stationary to healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging has been designed and manufactured at Truform.

This diversity of experience and expertise allows Truform to approach each new design with a broad set of tools and applications for a unique and effective solution each time. One of Truform’s key services is in packaging design consultancy and manufacturing best practice.

The wealth of experience available to Truform means customer’s can be given comprehensive guidance in the design phase of their packaging to create the greatest efficiencies and avoid design decisions that may not be optimal for die fabrication or production performance.

Truform’s technicians have years of training and experience with the CAD systems that are used to design, manufacture and use die-cutting tooling. This enables them to advise on the optimal layout for packaging design making the most efficient use of materials, reducing waste and improving performance and maximising tool life.

This results in superior, cost effective solutions. Truform can advise on die tooling needs and provide comprehensive reports and action planning with their consultations.

Die cutting tooling can be seen as an asset or as a liability.  When correctly harnessed, such tools can generate a good return on investment and become an asset to your business.  If treated as a liability, very often this compromises performance potential and an opportunity can be lost.

Where certain die designs are impractical, consultation with Truform will highlight these problems and develop an ideal solution that meets the customer’s needs while also creating a more efficient die design.

Intelligent die design have beneficial effects in terms of reducing the cost of packaging production. It means less material needs to be used to make the packaging and there is less waste which can save on purchase and on disposal costs. It also means a run can be carried out more quickly, saving costs across the board.

Primarily Truform work with solid board and with corrugated board but they also work with plastic and foam for production of packaging as well as for labels, gaskets and decals. Laser cutting technology allows for very high tolerances in the production of gaskets and membranes for electronics.

The process of die manufacture is a blend of high technology machining systems and craft based skills. Laser cutting allows for much higher levels of accuracy than traditional manufacturing methods and Truform have been supplying laser-cut dies to the industry since 1983. A more accurate die and allows for greater efficiencies to be made across the die cutting process.

Our rule processing systems produce accurately prepared rules that aid in faster manufacture  and hence provide clients with rapid turnaround times and a reliable quality product.  Completing this stage of manufacture required a high degree of craft, skill and knowledge of the industry.

Various complimentary aspects to packaging can be incorporated into our tooling. One example is the Braille. These are particularly useful for the pharmaceutical industry where packaging is required to have labelling for the visually impaired.  At Truform, we manufacture our own braille forces and blocks to our own unique formula.  On other occasions Reverse Score and other features can be added to the die to add further value to the process.

Truform produce both flatbed and rotary dies and are the only producer of rotary dies in Ireland. Both products have their own niche within the manufacture of corrugated containers. Flatbed dies are suitable for relatively short runs as they can be produced more quickly and at less expense. Rotary dies are suitable for high volume runs   Truform would gladly advice on a chosen manufacturing route.

Packaging design consultancy is very useful for every type of die and cutting process as die makers have a comprehensive appreciation of die making best practices and die cutting performance.

Truform have worked with a number of large packaging producing companies across Ireland the UK and Europe. Their packaging design consultancy services have helped numerous companies to make more efficient packaging designs, saving money time and effort.

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