Investing in die cutting technology and skill

Die Cutting Machines for Flatbed Dies


In many ways it is a straightforward concept but in terms of providing high quality die cut products, the manufacturing of dies requires a high level of technical skill, experience and the use of versatile technology. Die cutting begins with the design of the die tooling.  In order to provide effective tooling, the designer has to have a strong understanding of many disciplines including:

  • Die-making
  • Die-cutting
  • Packaging design

The use of CAD systems and a suite of design tools speeds up the process but experience is equally important. Experience allows a designer to foresee potential inefficiencies and conflicts.

Extensive knowledge of Design for Manufacturing techniques also allows us to provide customers with a product that meets their requirements and at the same time anticipates potential complications that might inhibit performance.

The availability of state of the art die cutting machinery also contributes to the production of high quality dies. We recognise the benefit of continual reinvestment in the equipment that keeps our business running and allows us to continually exceed customer expectation.

Truform Laser Dies Ltd has been manufacturing dies for the paper packaging industry of over forty years. In that time Truform has built up comprehensive experience of die tooling manufacture and design. Providing design services to the packaging sector in tandem with tooling manufacture gives clients the benefit of that experience.  Truform have a deep understanding of how to make dies that work and we offer alternatives to designs that might lead to underperformance.  In conjunction with comprehensive design tools and state of the art equipment, this experience allows Truform to deliver an unparalleled level of service to their customers.  We believe this bring real value.

Truform are capable of producing both flat bed and rotary dies. A comprehensive range of die-making machinery and equipment enables very fast turnaround times from our production team. Working in conjunction with (USA based) Container Graphics Corporation means customers can avail of the enormous resources provided by CGC, this includes a wide range of patented products for rotary dies.

We also offer a large range of consumable products to the Corrugated converting industry – consumables for both flexographic printing and for die-cutting.

Truform’s investment in high tech laser cutting and other CNC systems not only allows them to supply high quality dies for the packaging industry but also a number of further products and services. These include steel cutting, electronics components and decal cutting.


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