Demand for Innovative Packaging Design Services Grows in the UK

Packaging Design InnovationIt’s no surprise that the recent Global Packaging Summit chose “Innovation and Technology” as a key theme – given the pace of change in the market, the rapid advances that new software and equipment is bringing to the industry and the move to shelf-ready packaging.

While box making and more specifically, die-cutting might have long been considered a “traditional” industry, many carton manufacturers naturally moved into offering packaging design services. And suppliers in this market now have more complex challenges – the Packaging Summit reflects this as it looks to address issues such as

  • The level of regulation in the marketplace
  • The ongoing drive to cut costs
  • Sustainability and recycling options
  • The roles of Creativity and Collaboration in developing packaging
  • The need for practical Tamper Proof and Tamper Evident solutions

As Packaging is evolving into a marketing-led service, awards such as the Dupont Awards for Packaging Innovation also recognise the complexities involved in box manufacture and the fact that the consumer has become a driving force for innovation in the packaging market.

Collaboration Key to Success

In order to be truly innovative, companies that supply packaging design and die cutting services for shelf-ready packaging, must now take a whole host of stakeholders into account – people who were previously non-relevant to the design process or simply not involved in specifying packaging needs. In addition to the Purchasing/Operations Manager and/or the Manufacturing Engineer – the Marketing Manager, the large Retailer, the Logistics Supplier and Regulatory Bodies may now all have to be consulted and involved in the process and it’s critical that the final specification and ultimate end product e.g. packaging carton, meets the requirements of all of these stakeholders.  At Truform, we try to become involved in this consultation and design process as early as possible so as to ensure the box-making operation (with particular emphasis on die-cutting) can be ‘engineered-in’ to best effect and for optimum performance.

Truform Packaging Design Services

Truform combines extensive packaging design expertise with the latest CAD and Sample Tables. We add value to your specifications, considering a range of design options, costs, operational considerations and creative factors to offer customers an engineered solution.  Our desire is to collaborate closely with each client as early as possible so that there are no surprises in downstream processes.  We have worked in a wide variety of sectors including FMCG, IT, Pharma, and many more. We work with both Solid and Corrugated Board and as these are paper-based materials, you can be confident that the end-product is 100% recyclable

Request a Quote for our Packaging Design Services

Truform is a leading industry supplier in packaging design and we have indepth die cutting expertise.  While our core business is in die manufacture, we believe, to get that right, we need to have influence at the design stage so that we can design-out problems and design-in workable solutions that will offer maximum yield.
If you are in the business and looking to source a new, dependable and cost-effective supplier, call today to learn more about our services – we’d be delighted to quote for your requirements.

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