Packaging Die Cutting for Pharma Cartons

Pharma Packaging Die CuttingDie-cutting is the process of cutting and creasing high volumes of cartons and with today’s technologies, die-cutting machines work at considerable speed – up to 12,000 sheets per hour. Each impression in a die-cutting autoplaten can produce many cartons where dies can be 20 or 30 up. Larger dies can be complex and challenging to run, however the productivity benefits can make the investment in high-quality tooling very cost-effective.

When we deliver Packaging Die Cutting services for carton manufacturers who supply the Pharmaceutical market, productivity and tool life are key issues. There are also a number of other core requirements that we typically need to meet and these include;

The highest possible degree of accuracy

Given the nature of this industry, quality processes are essential both to produce the end-product required and to ensure no costly down-time at the customer facilities, due to any issues in the packaging process. To deliver the service required, Truform combines our extensive experience in this area with indepth die tooling design skills, state-of-the-art die-cutting equipment and a hands-on management approach. The depth of technical expertise at management level also means that we can offer on-site support and a practical trouble-shooting service where requested as we are very familiar with all the major manufacturing equipment and machinery in use at customer plants.   Our aim to to provide ‘trouble-free’ tooling that assists carton companies in the optimisation of their own production facility.  The accuracy of the tooling is of paramount importance in achieving this goal.

Braille and Embossing

Medicinal products have to comply with the EU directive that requires Braille on packaging. During the years prior to 2010, The European Carton Manufacturers Assoc. established best practice by working with local national associations.  Truform has been implementing these recommended practices for many years, helping clients to choose the best approach to meeting the regulatory requirements, particularly in relation braille standards. As a result, Truform harness all the operational functionality for braille into our die-cutting tooling, and we supply this, press-ready, to our customers.  We even supply proof sheets from our Bobst EasyPress.  This is an excellent service and offers both a practical and cost-effective solution to customers.  The proof sheet offers further traceability, reassurance and  up-time’ on press.  We can also supply tooling for AccuBraille – where braille is added during the gluing process.  Truform produces, in house, Braille and embossing components for our Pharma. customers and we test the quality of production by each component through our Easy Press, before it is delivered to the client.

Tamper Evidence

There are a number of design option that can be harnessed into our die-cutting tooling that deliver Tamper Evidence security and these include;

  • Reverse Score
  • Reverse Crease
  • Reverse Perforation
  • Reverse Score-Perforation
  • Special embossing techniques

All our Tamper Evidence features are produced to-order in-house to the highest standards and are designed to give our customer the highest quality result. Like our embossing components, they are also fully tested on our Easy Press before being shipped to customers.

Counters & Milled Steel Plates

These are a more specialised requirement in the die cutting process for Pharma companies, but are being requested more and more often in recent times.  Milled plates, along with all our counters and other make-ready tooling are produced in-house, on a bespoke basis, according to customer needs. We focus on producing robust, reliable and cost effective products and we can work with short lead times where necessary.

Your Die Cutting Requirements?

Truform is a leading industry expert in die-cutting services for the Pharma sector and we have harnessed a lot of knowledge and expertise during our 47 years in business. If you have die cutting requirements, why not discuss them with us – we can add value to your specification, advise on the optimal approach, deliver with short lead times and offer hands on expert technical support.

We look forward to your call. + 353 42 9334452 or email us now

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