Flatbed Dies


Blanking Tools

We design, build and supply blanking tools to a comprehensive specification across a range of customers.

  • In-house steel lasering capability
  • Steel machine shop for fabrication (Mill, Lathe, surface grinder etc)
  • BSI and other blanking systems / components
  • “Complete” and “blanking kit” systems available.
  • Top and bottom blanking tools can be produced to suit a range of machines and incorporate centre-line systems, quick lock systems, etc, as required.
  • We offer a ‘recovery and reuse service’ whereby redundant tooling can be taken back, stripped down and reused. This can ease the cost of new tools and help to maximise the return on investment.
  • Sheet blankers are frequently produced

Contact our sales team today for a range of blanking tools.

+353 42 933 4452 Email: info@nulltruform.ie