Case Studies


Adhesive Tape and Diecutters (ATD)

  • Client Name: Adhesive Tape and Diecutters (ATD)
  • Sector: Packaging
  • Key Challenge: To meet the very specialised needs of the Tape sector, with the highest quality dies and tools. 
  • Service: Truform delivers the highest standards in the product supplied and works hands-on with ATD, checking the setting of tools and discussing appropriate strategic investments in machinery and equipment

About 16 years John Ryan, the M.D. of ATD was introduced to Noel Tumilty, the founder of Truform. At that time tools were made manually and the quality was not sufficient for the demands of the marketplace, in particular in the Tape sector which requires premium diecutting. John says “Truform produced dies with a laser machine, which was totally different from the manual process and the quality was radically better.”  Truform has continued to work with ATD since that first encounter in the 1990’s.

Premium Tools
At present Truform supply ATD with tools that have an extremely high tolerance, for premium die-cutting. All the tools are laser made, with high quality plywood and blades. “The service is second-to -none.  If I place an order today, I can have the tools within 24 hours. Brendan comes down, checks over the tools and provides constructive input. He analysis the efficiency in terms of setting the tools. The big difference between Truform and others is on the support side of things. You can’t touch them for quality, service and support. “

Customer Liaison & Loyalty
Truform has worked closely with ATD to develop new, specialised top-quality products. The level of trust between the businesses is clear as ATD has sent their own customers to Truform to discuss their requirements. “We can trust Truform with our clients – there’s no question about that. The relationship is more of a strategic partnership than a standard buyer-supplier situation. That’s good for us all.”