Case Studies


Smurfit Kappa

  • Client Name: Smurfit Kappa
  • Sector: Packaging
  • Key Challenge: Working on the corrugated box making process to meet challenging packaging and commercial demands.
  • Service: Truform has extensive experience and expertise with corrugated box making and this knowledge, combined with investment in the latest technology, has enabled Truform work successfully with Smurfit Kappa in both a tactical and strategic manner.

Almost 20 years ago Smurfit Kappa used die-cut tools that were made by hand, as was standard in the industry at the time. However the need for more accuracy required machine-made tools and Truform was the first local supplier to have laser cutting machine.  The improvement in the performance of the Dies was significant – tolerance levels went from 2mm to 0.2 mm. The resulting higher quality and accuracy improved productivity, with fewer defects for Smurfit Kappa and the company has been working with Truform on an on-going basis for about two decades now.

Technological Progress
The Technical Manager at Smurfit Kappa found that the move to machine-made Dies gave real confidence in the production process and he recognises that Truform has continued in this drive to embrace new technologies “Now Truform is one of the first cutting edge Die makers to have computerised rule bending and rubber cutting, which also serves to increase accuracy and performance. And it’s more cost effective as a Die that could have taken 8 to 10 hours to produce years ago can be turned around in about 4 hours now. They’re very competitive, price-wise and time-wise.”

Responsive Service
We have been impressed with the quality of tooling, the die cutting expertise and the customer-focussed service that Truform provide.  “They put a second laser on stream to improve responsiveness and to ensure continuity of supply. This means I can place an order at 8am and it can be ready and delivered at 2 p.m. that same day, though we try to avoid that! The normal procedure is 48 hours. Truform has its own delivery vans too so it’s a reliable service.”

Truform cannot always meet customer demands however and if this is the case, there is a good reason for it “Generally when you ask for it, it happens. They’re black and white, which makes it very easy to do business with them. If Brendan says no it’s because he has a good reason not to do what you’ve asked for and he’ll work with you to find the right solution.”

Site visits are an important element of the customer service offered by Truform and for technically challenging work this support can be vital “Brendan is very hands-on – say we’re working with a difficult crease or an opening, he’ll come on-press at the premises and make sure you’re getting the best result. Truform understands the science of die making and corrugated box manufacture. They’re responsive, competitive and they support their production with facts and figures. On top of that, they have the ability to deliver on what they say”.