Our Mission


Quality Laser Dies

“What we make people feel is as important to us as what we make”

Calipers - Quality Laser DiesThe quality of our laser dies is something that we take very seriously. Our senior personnel all have a vested interest in quality performance and respond collectively to ensure that the Truform Laser Dies brand remains synonymous with Quality.

In our business every job is unique and this brings its’ own set of challenges. Our goal is to assess these challenges and eliminate or reduce any risk of failure so that our products exceed customer expectation. Every time. Our core competencies are fundamental to achieving this. We believe in

  • delivery of quality laser dies for each contract
  • designing out any potential problems that might arise
  • building tools to an exact specification, consistently
  • communicating potential problems to customers
  • delivering tooling and other products, on-time

We measure success in terms of customer confidence – their trust and belief in us and in our products. We also measure success in numbers of repeat orders and long term customer relationships – of which we have many.

We maintain, and push, laser dies and tooling standards to ensure that what we supply to our customers meets their every expectation. This is done across the organisation in many ways. We have a strong focus on training and skills development so that we can deliver product of the highest standard. We continually develop our technical knowledge so that we understand exactly what we need to do to achieve our objectives. We harness these human skills within a framework of technology to ensure consistency of product and service.

Truform Laser Dies Limited received recognition to ISO9000 in 1990.