Range of dies and die manufacturing services from Truform

Truform Laser Dies for Packaging Sectors

Truform Laser Dies approach die manufacturing with an exceptional focus on quality. Over forty years Truform has worked to establish itself as synonymous with quality of manufacturing and service. Not only maintaining that association but also increasing it is an important priority for the company. Working on building up a reputation for quality die manufacturing over so many years creates a strong incentive to sustain that reputation.

Ensuring that every job is carried out with the same degree of care and attention means that Truform have been able to develop trust and long lasting relationships with business partners. By assessing the potential challenges of a job and reducing or completely eliminating possible risk of failure, client expectations can be exceeded every time.

Truforms core competencies are applied across a wide range of services and products.

  • Design is an important focus as this is where potential problems can be pre-empted and eliminated.
  • Consistency is critical especially in terms of matching the exact specifications in building tools.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and quickly with customers as to problems that might arise allows projects to flow smoothly.
  • Agility and an ability to meet deadlines establishes reliability for new and existing customers alike.
  • Attention to detail supports us in maintaining high standards in both product and service aspects of our business

At the core of the company’s operations is laser die manufacturing. Flatbed dies and rotary dies can both be made to customer specifications. State of the art technology working in tandem with highly skilled craftspeople provides for consistency and quality cutting dies. Combining a diversity of excellent equipment and experienced personnel Truform can provide a variety of specialised, tailor-made products for both flatbed die-cutting and rotary die-cutting processes.  Dies can incorporate Braille and embossing components as well as counters, stripping tools, blanking tools and even hybrid tooling.  Rotary dies are made with very best of skills and with raw materials that are state-of-the-art.

A number of speciality flatbed die products can also be made such as reverse score plates, reverse perf plates and reverse crease systems for the folding carton sector.  Tamper evidence devices have become a normal part of our design and production systems. Forming blocks (for trays) can also be made as well as high rule dies for foam packaging.  Clinical trials dies (used in cleanroom environments) can also be manufactured.

Rotary dies can be manufactured in a range of sizes between 177mm and 588mm in diameter. In collaboration with Container Graphics Corporation of the USA Truform can provide customers with a vast range of patented rotary die products and components.


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