Raw Materials for FlexoGraphic Printing and Platemaking

A key process in the corrugated box making industry is printing corrugated board.  This is normally done using the flexographic printing process across a range of machinery.  Some facilities are set-up to print and die-cut ‘in-line’, while others prefer keep print and die-cut processes independent.  In any case, the print process requires a range of components that are necessary to get ink onto paper.

Truform can supply many of the component parts of these plates, both for the manufacture of plates and for their everyday use.

The printing plate is made up of a few key elements: The backing material – a strong mylar / polyester film, a cushion material – to aid with pressure balance / distribution and the photopolymer itself.  Plates can be made in one-piece or separate elements can be mounted in the correct position onto the correct carrier material.   Once made, these plates have, somehow, to be fixed in register, in the printing machine on a regular basis.

Truform can supply the polyester / mylar film and cushion mount materials used in the manufacture of Flexographic Plates.

We also supply Harley Opti-Check machinery for plate mounting operations.  These machines are built to the highest standard so that your plate mounting can be carried out as accurately as possible.

Our main raw material products are Uniflex™, ProFlex 2™ and Container-Mount© / Trans-Mount™. These, along with other Polyster / Mylar products are all used extensively in the industry with proven success internationally.

Uniflex™ is a one piece plate that is both durable and very accurate.  This plate allows for fast setups, accurate register. These plates are pre-fitted with mounting systems to suit your specific machine, elimination downtime and the use of incorrect tapes when fixing the plate inside the machine.  A wide variety of plate materials / thicknesses and cushioning is available.

ProFlex 2™ allows for high quality printing and excellent ink coverage and reduced dot-gain.  It also has quick rebound characteristics and is available supported or unsupported.

Container-Mount© and Trans-Mount™ are mounting materials for flexo plates.  Container-Mount is yellow in colour while Tans-Mount is exactly the same material, but clear.  These materials are an industry standard because of their rugged flexibility, consistent caliper and ease of adhesion

We also offer a range of pre-cut mounts to suit specific machines.  Some of these are detailed in the table below.



Once our plates are delivered, our services do not end.  We support their use through another range of fixing systems than are designed to protect the plates and the machine, to speed up change-over time and to ensure registration.

We supply Grommets, Clinchers and Punches and Slotting Tools to enable pre-press operators to add / more eyelets for fixing on alternative machines.

We supply a wide range of mounting straps and strips and in particular recommend Container Straps®, Low-profile Container Straps® and Stretch-Lok™ Straps – which are proprietary products of Container Graphics Corporation in the USA.  These straps are available in a range of lengths have no metal parts which makes them preferable in that they will not damage anilox rolls.

We offer Lead-Edge mounting strips and Trail-Edge mounting strips as well as Plate-Loc™ systems which, when combined with the straps mentioned above offer up a complete lock-up system for plates that is fast, fool-proof, reliable, consistent and economical.

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