Rotary Dies for Corrugated Packaging

The Snapshot

  • The outlook for the corrugated packaging industry in 2014 is positive.
  • There are on-going increases in sophistication and innovation within the industry.
  • Truform can provide a range of bespoke tooling to compliment this sophistication and to support Corrugated boxmakers in achieving better productivity.

Rotary Dies

Rotary die cutting has been a manufacturing methodology for many years, however over the last decade the sophistication and efficiency of the machines used has increased exponentially.

Machines such as the Martin DRO and Martin 924 or Gopfert have been instrumental in fueling this progress. Many Corrugated boxmakers have recently purchased one of these industrial presses and have experienced an increase in productivity and reduced lead-times.  Rotary die-cutting tooling plays a very important part in returning these improved yields.  The tools have to be designed and built to facilitate running at high speed effectively.  We understand that and have been able to implement many solutions / improvements to support the high expectations that the marketplace demands.

Rotary Die

Sophisticated Rotary Die Functions that Truform Conducts

At Truform we currently offer a number of speciality rotary dies for corrugated packaging. These include:

  • Phase tooling – CGC’s newest innovation.
  • Microtrim
  • Linerguard
  • PolyMx Rubbering
  • NickLock
  • Bundle Breaker rule

The diverse range of options that we can offer our clients enables them to add value at each stage of their supply process.  In addition to the above features, the marketplace continues to ask for some of the other CGC patented items we have available – in particular, our special cutting rules which are exclusive to CGC and their partners.

Endorsements are proof that our tooling works, and recently, when compared against other major suppliers of rotary dies in UK and Europe and have outperformed them across several key metrics. We continue to believe in our product offering and our clients remain confident that we can deliver highly technical products on-time and within their price expectation.

While based in Ireland, we have found that companies across Europe and beyond are totally comfortable to buy from us – because they trust us and trust our products.

Contact US

Founded in 1967 in Dundalk in Ireland, Trufrom has a long history of providing our customers with the most efficient and effective service possible.  Years ago, we only manufactured flat dies for Autoplaten use.  The ethos that prevailed in that part of our business also applies in our Rotary die division.

For further information on the rotary die services that we provide, please contact us today, and we would be delighted to discuss your organisations specific requirements with you in more detail.

You can contact Truform Laser Dies by telephone on +353 42 933 4452 or by  email on

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