Truform Laser Dies: An Introduction to Our Product & Services

Carton Packaging Design by Truform Laser Dies Ltd.Since 1967, Truform has been at the forefront of the Die-making industry in Ireland.  Noel Tumilty had a vision that he could supply dies to packaging companies and commercial printers across the island of Ireland.  He would have had no idea how the industry and the Company would evolve in the years to come.

What, historically, was the manufacture and supply of cutting forms, has developed into a die-tooling solution that maximises performance and quality through the subsequent production processes at customers’ sites.  This has been achieved through continuous investment in the latest technologies, through harnessing knowledge and understanding of the processes, through commitment and promise and through a strong focus on attention to detail.

For many years now, as a result of this driven agenda, Truform Laser Dies Ltd has remained at the forefront of the industry both in Ireland and beyond.  Truform has seized many opportunities to improve and grow its product portfolio into today’s extensive product range and support systems.

Our range of tooling and supplies includes:

Flat dies for the Folding Carton and Corrugated box markets.  Including:

 Rotary dies for the Corrugated box markets. Key elements included

  • A partnership with Container Graphics Corp. from the USA
  • Dies of all diameters
  • Exclusive access to numerous patented elements and products that make up completed dies
  • Other special features such as MicroTrim and Linerguard
  • Partnership with PolyMx
  • Partnership with C.U.E. for anvil covers.
  • International sales across Europe and beyond.

Materials division

We have access to an extensive range of production consumables used in the manufacture of Corrugated boxes and cases. This range extends through various print related products, die –making and die components and other production equipment.  For example:

  • Plate mount materials – various options
  • Plate fixing systems – Lead and Trail edge strips

Various tension Band and fixing strap options

  • Registration systems
  • Die components
  • Speciality rules – some patented.
  • Special rubber systems.
  • Other bespoke components and solutions.
  • Die-making equipment
  • Plate proofing equipment
  • Extensive product and market knowledge with strong support from CGC in the US.

We are fully equipped to bring all our products to the market where we offer extensive support.  Many of the items mentioned above have been uniquely designed for our industry and all offer excellent value and return on investment.

For more information – contact: Brendan Tumilty at Truform Laser Dies Ltd at

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