Truform manufacture a number of speciality items such as braille and embossing dies

Cardboard Box Cutting from Truform Laser Dies

The packaging industry requires a broad variety of die-cutting and embossing tooling to be manufactured. Consumer demand for new and different products creates an equal demand for innovative and distinct packaging.

Truform Laser Dies Ltd provides the packaging sector with die-cutting tooling for many different uses. Carton manufacturing companies require dies to produce packaging for food, pharmaceutical products, I.T products and Cosmetics. EU law dictates that braille must be included on pharmaceutical cartons.  We at Truform can supply die-cutting tooling that meets this requirement.

Braille and embossing dies are supplied on thin plates already in position.  These are pre-tested on our Easy-Press before dispatch to ensure accuracy, verify fit and to aid in maximising up-time on die-cutting machines. The resulting proof sheets can be supplied to the customer along with the components so that the results of the braille and embossing can be seen in advance.

2D embossing dies can be produced in house and 3D dies can be supplied via outsourcing. All our braille blocks and forcers are manufactured on-site.

Truform’s die manufacturing extends beyond the packaging industry. Dies are also manufactured and supplied for the production of goods such as decals, membrane panels, gaskets, adhesive labels, and technical foam products.

Dies designed for the electronics sector and the decal production industry are produced at Truform which are then shipped to companies across Europe and the United States. These dies are built to very tight tolerances. Truform’s use of skilled craftsmen and precision technology allows it to maintain these tolerances in their products and establish itself as an important supplier to these sectors.

For the production of foam packaging and gaskets, high rule dies can be manufactured in heights of up to 150mm.

As well as manufacturing braille and embossing dies, high rule dies and high tolerance dies Truform also provide dies with specific features such as tamper evident seals. These can be produced by a number of methods such as reverse score, reverse crease, reverse perforation and reverse score perforation. In supplying dies for the pharmaceutical industry the ability to produce tamper evident seals is particularly important.

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