Two main elements of design for brand packaging

When considering design for your packaging there are several important factors to consider. Product marketing, branding, regulatory standards (like product guidelines and warnings) and environmentallly-sensitive design all need to be taken into account.

The purpose of packaging design is to:

  • Provide containment of the product within
  • Give clear information for the end-user
  • Exhibit marketing elements to entice consumers
  • Provide physical protection of the product
  • Meet security requirements and safety and environmental regulations

The two main design factors to consider are:

  1. The visuals of your packaging (graphic design)
  2. The structure of your packaging (manufacturing)

The graphic design for your brand packaging is essential for making your product attractive, functional and user-friendly. Graphic design is used to create labels, logos, colourful images, brand identifiers and product guidelines and should be created with a view of the end product and usability in mind.

The second element concerns the structure and functionality of the packaging itself. Your brand packaging needs to be designed to exact specifications to make sure it can withstand basic wear and tear, fit your production guidelines and meet your budget requirements.

Certain design criteria needs to be agreed upon before work begins on the package design. Factors such as desired product performance (specified by package testing), production schedules and completion targets, available resources, cost constraints, packaging processes, labelling and distribution methods – all need to be agreed upon in advance. Factors such as product regulation guidelines, consumer safety and protection, and environmental obligations all need to adhered to as well.

Truform Laser Dies design service for product packaging

The Truform design team will review your packaging design requirements, consider various design options and concepts and harness these details to create your finished packaging product using their die-making and die-cutting tools.

At Truform we provide packaging design for many sectors including FMGC, IT, medical and pharmaceutical industries and occasional products. Our design team have many years of experience and expertise and our design capabilities include solid board and corrugated products using state-of-the-art CAD and sample tables.

For information on Truform Laser Dies’ design for packaging services contact us. Email



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