Understanding the die tooling process

Cuir Die in Production

Die-cutting tooling is a specialised type of tool used in the industrial manufacturing process of high volumes of cartons and corrugated boxes. Die-cutting tools are also used in the electronics, foam cutting and gasket industries.

The process involves using stamping dies (pre formed to a certain shape) as inserted into a press where under impression a shape is cut-out.

What is a die?

A die is a specialised manufacturing tool used to cut or shape material using an industrial press. Dies are custom designed and built to bespoke specifications to suit the product they are used to create. The die itself is usually constructed of a wooden base with steel blades inserted into particular slots (which are laser-cut) thereby forming the pattern needed to be cut.  During it’s use inside a press, huge pressure is applied to force the shaped cut-out usually in folding carton or corrugated board.

Die tool components

The main parts of a die toolset consist of:

  • A wooden base – with laser-cut slots showing the required pattern
  • Steel blade – inserted into the wood to give the cutting and folding lines
  • Special blade pattens – for perforation / tear panels and tamper proof features
  • Stripping tools – these are uses inside the press to automatically remove waste parts of the die-cut sheet
  • Counters – these are individual parts used to aid in creasing the folding box board material
  • Embossing tools – some cartons have intricate detail and raised areas (including for braille) and special dies are required to produce this detail
  • Blanking tools are also used inside the die-cutter and these tools enable the stacking / palletization of the completed carton blanks onto a pallet.

Choose Truform Laser Dies for your die tooling needs

Truform are a leading and an expert die-maker involved in the manufacture of tooling within the UK and Ireland.  At Trufrom, we harness extensive knowledge of die tooling requirements, we apply Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles and we closely consult with customers in respect to their die tooling design concerns.

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