Uniform dies for carton packaging a must for product satisfaction

Carton Packaging Design by Truform Laser Dies Ltd.

Dies for carton packaging provide uniform and consistent product design – a must for successful product manufacturing whatever industry you are in.
Whether the product is a box of cereal, an electronic component in a hi-tech gadget or containers for over-the-counter medicines – without uniformity in the product’s design and packaging, the product will simply be a failure.

That’s why it’s so important not to overlook the quality of your product manufacturing processes and should always select a die cutting provider who can offer consistent and reliable results.

Small product manufacturers may opt for the DIY approach to die cutting, but if you are dealing with high-volume, high-specification, high-regulation products, it is essential to choose a die cutting expert who can provide this service for you.

Truform Laser Dies, a leading supplier of tooling services to the die cutting industry in the UK, Ireland and Europe provide dies and other services for carton packaging companies that require a high output of aesthetic and functional packaging.

A Truform carton packaging case study

Truform provided die production services to a print and packaging supplier who needed a more comprehensive and streamlined production chain than the one they were operating in-house.

In addition to die cutting, the company needed additional services such as embossing and braille, particularly for their pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging.

Truform was able to deliver a speedy and cost-effective service that met the company’s stringent production requirements and fast turn-around times.

Truform’s investment in cutting-edge technology, including CAD systems, lasers and rule processors, helped the manufacturer automate their packaging processes and create consistent packaging design which helped minimise imperfections.

Truform – comprehensive carton packaging service

In addition to die cutting, Truform can assist your business with the following services:

  • Tooling and packaging design analysis and advice
  • Press side support, tooling audits and performance review
  • Supporting back office functions
  • Research, development and improvement programmes
  • Consultancy and training

Read the complete case study of how Trufrom Laser Dies helped a packaging company improve their manufacturing processes with their dies for carton packaging.  For sales advice email

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