What is the benefit of using laser dies?

Die Cutting and Laser Cut Dies from Truform

Laser dies, as supplied by Truform Laser Dies from Ireland, are used in the production of cartons and boxes that require a high degree of accuracy. At Truform, we have been manufacturing these dies and ancillary tooling for more than 40 years.

Die cutting, is a direct, high-speed process which uses precise die-cutting tooling to cut, score and perforate a range of substrates – usually Carton board and corrugated board.  High quality, specialised tooling, allows manufacturers to incorporate more delicate design features and add attractive details and elements (such as tamper proof features) to the product – allowing for greater creativity in design and function for the finished package.

Multiple features such as scoring, perforating, embossing and kiss-cutting can often be incorporated into single set of tools. This means less time and costs spent aligning various elements and ultimately in better yield from autoplaten die-cutting presses. Laser-dies can be used to die-cut a variety of materials including paper, plastic, foam, polyester, acrylic and textiles.

The laser-cutting of the die and other products are all managed via CAD, so designs can easily be manipulated via computer technology. Other aspects of the tooling manufacturing process are also largely automated and use the same CAD data in production.

Common objects created with die-cutting include printed materials like brochures, cards, cartons, corrugated boxes, specialised packaging, decorative boxes, labels, decals, foam parts, jigsaws and stickers – just to name a few.

Truform Laser dies specialises in laser-cut tooling manufacture for die-cutting operations

Truform work with packaging manufacturers around the UK and Ireland to produce a wide range of die-cutting tooling to cut a range of objects. In addition to manufacturing die-cutting tooling, Truform offer a range of complementary services such as product packaging design, tooling design, press-side support, research and development of products, consulting services and ongoing product support and training.

Contact Truform Laser Dies to discuss your laser die cutting requirements. Email or call us on  +353 42 933 4452

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